Derma Wand Review

The Derma Wand is actually a small portable facial rejuvenation device that’s based upon micro current technology. This type of treatment has been in existence for roughly Fifty years and the DermaWand is a portable version of the expensive micro current machines utilized in Spas worldwide. The Derma Wand brand has been available for quite a while now, survived examination but still retains its popularity. Yes, it’s really a great tool.

As the primary facial toning micro current device available, the Derma Wand delivers on its claims to rejuvenate the facial skin.

This gadget, like other similar facial devices, produces a number of small electrical impulses that massage the facial skin. These safe, painless impulses help firmand tone the skin. Additionally they improve circulation for the skin and stimulate collagen production (which declines greatly as we grow older and is also accountable for healthy, firm skin appearance). As though that weren’t enough, the Derma Wand draws oxygen and vital nutrients towards the skin surface. In doing all of this, the device is effective in reducing or perhaps eliminate facial lines and sagging skin.

Some benefits associated with Derma Wand Use:

-Sagging skin appears lifted and toned

-Wrinkles start to fade and also over time, disappear altogether

-Eye bags and puffiness are eliminated

-Poor skin texture and larger pores are restored to get a clearer, brighter


-Lip lines are eliminated, lips plumped

Results with radio frequency devices such as the Derma Wand have emerged quickly which can be accountable for its popularity as being an anti-aging alternative. Indeed, droopy eyelids “lift” suddenly and lip lines can drastically be reduced with not very many applications. Treatments can be carried out as frequently as you choose at a minimal three minutes per treatment. Am and pm treatment therapy is advised consuming just six minutes on a daily basis.

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The effects of using the Derma Wand are cumulative as well so, the more treatments you have, the more improvement in your face. At a price point under $100, this device is highly cost effective compared to equivalent Spa treatments.

Lighweight and portable, the Derma Wand is very easy to use and full instructions are included in the kit. You also get an instructional DVD. A small dial rests conveniently on the bottom of the device for increasing intensity of the electrical impulses as one continues its use. The instructions include descriptions of movement direction and impulse intensity for all areas of the face as well.

There are few caveats in using the Derma Wand although anyone with a pacemaker, heart or serious medical condition likely needs to avoid using it. It’s important to realize that this is an electronic device. Short of that, speed, efficiency, convenience and price all speak to the continuing popularity of the Derma Wand as a highly effective and viable anti-aging facial device.

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Is A Dermawand Safe ?

I was recently asked this question even though I’ve used the unit for several years, I made a decision to take it to my very own doctors, both MD’s and Naturopaths. Both doctors approved this microcurrent device given its’ low frequency current.

I would personally add to that you are aware yourself best. For those who have heart problems or any type of serious medical issues, I personally would approach any electrical devices that you employ on a regular basis with considerable caution. That being said, if you absolutely have concerns but nevertheless desire to use something such as a Dermawand, show your doctor an ad about the device and obtain their opinion before beginning with any daily regimen utilizing microcurrent technology.

Dermawand Review

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15 Responses to Derma Wand Review

  1. Nanushka says:

    I am seeing noticable differences after using it for less than 2 weeks. I was very doubtful that this device would actually “do” anything. Two people have commented this week – one told me my make-up looked so good (I wasn’t wearing any), and the other person asked what I was doing because I looked refreshed. I’m not making this up. It totally caught me off guard, and I realized this thing is perking up my skin.

  2. Gwynne Nieuwoudt says:

    Is the dermawand available in South Africa……………………..and if so, what does it cost?

  3. nandhini says:

    everyone can use tis? nly aged people should use tis? young girls who has large spores n pimples can use dermawand? is tat safe for them

  4. retha werner says:

    Can someone that is pregnant use the dermawand ???

  5. donna simpson says:

    can you tan or be tanned already when using this device ?? and also can you use self tanners also ? thank you .Donna

  6. jessica says:

    can it use for pore because of pimples?

  7. Margie says:

    Hope you may be able to give me a responce to my concern. I have use the NuBri
    and I want to know if it’s safe to use dermawand and NuBrilliance microdermabrassion? No one seems able to give me an honest answer.

  8. jancee says:

    I used it for the first time today and I like it!

  9. david liddington says:

    can this work for a 48 yr old man ?

  10. Eugenia McCurdy says:

    Amigos de Derma Wand, les compre un Paquete DermaWand con sus cremas e instructivo. En el mismo, me incluyeron un Gift Voucher por $50.00USD y me
    gustaria saber como puedo comprar mas productos con dicho Voucher tales como crema hidratante o alguna otra.
    Me pueden informar por favor acerca de esto?, ya que he buscado en su pagina y no encuentro donde comprarles lo que necesito. Solo esta la oferta de Radio Frecuencia
    Gracias por su atencion. Eugenia McCurdy.-Texas.-

  11. Eugenia McCurdy says:

    Senores, les quiero pedir tambien si pueden enviarme un instructivo en ESPANOL por favor, ya que asi le entenderia mas para el uso de mi cara y tambien del cuerpo.

  12. Cristina says:

    I need derma wand I’m 49 latin woman will like to try it to see is true .when I see my self in the mirrow is not me I look tired sad when I feel the oposit. I cosiderating to do life stile lift but is expenses for me right now if is true I will be the happier woman in the earth.. I will go out again and meet people make friends .. enjoy life again..
    if you can help me

  13. Carina says:

    will this work for black eyes? i have two black eyes and i have the Dermawand and want to know if it will help get ride of they blood around the eyes? Help

  14. Patricia A. Klinger says:

    I broke my jaw about 25 yrs. ago and it had to be operated on as it would not heal. I still have the wire in my jaw. I am wondering if the dema wand will harm me in any way. I have used it a couple of time but afraid to use it without knowing this information. If I could find out the information on this I will be very happy.

  15. Niobe says:

    I use derma wand and I have a facial piercing. I don’t notice and sparking or anything. I don’t go over it on purpose, but I have touched it a few times with the bulb and didn’t have any different reaction from when I just used it on my skin. I’m not sure how internal wires in your jaw would react though. Doesn’t seem to bother my gold peircing though.

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